When Mahadev and Shri Krishna fought, know who had won

Dec 05 2019 09:51 PM
When Mahadev and Shri Krishna fought, know who had won

There are many mythological stories and stories in Hinduism in which the superpower of the gods is told. All of these stories may have been heard or read by you, but there are also some which you all have never heard of. One of these stories is similar to the war between Mahadev and Shri Krishna, about which very few people know. 

Story - Once upon a time there was a monster Raj Bali and he had many sons, among whom the eldest son was named Banasur, Banasura was powerful from childhood and he had the ambition to become the most powerful. Therefore, he considered Mahadev to be his adoration and after doing intense penance, he pleased Mahadev Shankar God, Shankar Bhagwan also gave it the blessing of Sahastrabahu and superpower. Banasur also took advantage of the opportunity and asked him to help him whenever he needed him.

After this, when he started thinking of Banasura as the most powerful, Shankar warned Lord Banasura not to boast of these powers and when the flag of his goods fell, then his death would be near. Then Usha, a daughter of Banasura, saw a beautiful man in her dream and was fascinated by it. When he told this his friend Chitralekha, he picked up the man in his sleep and brought him to the palace, then he came to know that the man was Anirudh, grandson of Shri Krishna.

Anirudh ji was fascinated on Usha and both got married at the same time when Banasur came to know about this, he took Anirudh and Usha captive, upon learning that Lord Krishna also attacked Banasura's palace. . Sri Krishna first broke the flag on Banasura's palace with his wan, Banasura's army could not stand in front of Shri Krishna's Narayani army. Then Banasurabhi jumped into battle because of Lord Shankar's boon, Banasura had become a great power but he had no match with Lord Krishna in the form of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu.

Every time Shri Krishna was more powerful than Banasura, Banasura began to see his defeat, then he called Lord Shankar to fight in the war, thus Lord Shankar and Shri Krishna started the great war which lasted for many days, then Shri Krishna asked Lord Shankar. Said that if Mahadev will fight on behalf of the unrighteous Banasura, then he will not be able to establish religion. Explain some way of this, then Lord Shankar asked Shri Krishna to run Jurumnastra, Lord Shankar went into sleep with this weapon, then Shri Krishna left the four arms of Banasura from Sudarshan Chakra and cut all the rest till then Lord Shankar woke up from sleep and Shri Krishna Banasura Stopped to slaughter.

So, in this way, the whole world saw the collision of Mahadev and Shri Krishna's superpower, all the gods were seeing all this and they could see the destruction of the whole creation from this war, the energy of this conflict had shaken the three worlds. Then the arrogance of Banasura was also broken and he realized his mistake and called a halt to the war and apologized to Shri Krishna and Mahadev, after that Banasura also left Anirudh and Usha.This way all the gods saw the confrontation of the two superpowers and everyone It was felt that the superpower would take just a few moments to erase the creation of this world by gene powers.

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