Know holy story of Mahakaleshwar in the month of Sawan

Jul 14 2020 07:00 PM
Know holy story of Mahakaleshwar in the month of Sawan

The month of Sawan is going on and this month is considered to be the beloved month of Lord Shiva. Hearing or reading about Shiva Ji in this month is of great benefit. Today we are going to tell you the popular and sacred story of Mahakaleshwar. Let's know how long Lord Mahakal is enthroned in Ujjain.

Story- King Chandrasen ruled in Ujjayini. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. The chief among Shiva's group was his friend named Manibhadra. Once Manibhadra gave King Chandrasen an extremely brilliant 'Chintamani'. When Chandrasen wore it around his neck, his aura shone brightly and at the same time, his fame in remote countries started increasing. Other kings started efforts to get that 'Mani'. Some made direct demands, some begged. It was the king's favorite item, so the king did not give the gem to anyone. Eventually, he was attacked by Mani aspiring kings.

Shiva devotee Chandrasen got meditated in the shelter of Lord Mahakal. When Chandrasen was in a tomb, some Gopis came there to take their little child with them. The child was five years old and Gopi was a widow. Seeing King Chandrasen meditated, the child was also inspired to worship Shiva. He brought a stone from somewhere and sat in a secluded place of his house and started worshiping Shivalinga with devotion. After some time his mother called him for food but he did not come. She called again, he did not come again. When the mother herself came to call, she saw the child sitting meditation and not listening to his voice. Then angry mother started beating the child and picked up all the worship material and threw it. When the child came to consciousness after being freed from meditation, he felt very sad to see his worship destroyed. Suddenly a miracle happened from the depths of his agony.

A beautiful temple was built there with the grace of Lord Shiva. The divine Shivalinga was seated in the middle of the temple and the worship decorated by the child was unchanged. When his mother's sleep was disturbed, he was also shocked. When King Chandrasen came to know about this incident that happened due to the unique grace of Shiva, he also reached to meet that Shiva devotee. Other kings who were on the war for Mani also reached. Everyone asked King Chandrasen for the forgiveness of their crime and together they started worshiping Lord Mahakal. Just then, the devotee Shri Hanumanji incarnated and he sat on the lap of a cow and addressed all the kings and the people present.

ऋते शिवं नान्यतमा गतिरस्ति शरीरिणाम्‌॥
एवं गोप सुतो दिष्टया शिवपूजां विलोक्य च॥
अमन्त्रेणापि सम्पूज्य शिवं शिवम्‌ वाप्तवान्‌.
एष भक्तवरः शम्भोर्गोपानां कीर्तिवर्द्धनः
इह भुक्तवा खिलान्‌ भोगानन्ते मोक्षमवाप्स्यति॥
अस्य वंशेऽष्टमभावी नंदो नाम महायशाः.
प्राप्स्यते तस्यस पुत्रत्वं कृष्णो नारायणः स्वयम्‌॥ 

It means - 'There is no movement of beings other than Shiva. This gopi's child has attained Shiva-sarvidha, by worshiping Shiva without any mantra or statute, just by seeing Shiva worship elsewhere. This supreme devotee of Shiva will increase the fame of all the gopajans. In this world, it will attain all the eternal pleasures, and salvation will be attained after death. The eighth male of this lineage will be Mahayashasvi 'Nanda', whose son Narayana himself will be revered as 'Krishna'. It is said that Lord Mahakal has been seated in Ujjayini since then and you must have read the description of the grace of Mahakal in ancient texts.

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