This is how the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra came into existence to please Lord Shiva

Sep 10 2019 05:00 PM
This is how the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra came into existence to please Lord Shiva

Lord Bholenath can be appeased by chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and it is said that if this mantra is chanted then the danger of premature death is averted from the devotees. So do you know how this mantra originated? If not, then we know the secret behind it.

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This is how Mahamrityunjaya Mantra originated - In ancient times, there used to be Mrakand sage, who was a devotee of Lord Shiva. The life of Mrakand was going smoothly. Only one concern was being given to them that they have no children. Due to this, he started the penance of Bholenath.

Pleased with his austerity, Shiva asked him about his wishes. Shiv ji said I will fulfill your wish but you will have to suffer both sorrow and happiness in it. In no time, he received a son, named Markandeya. Mrakand and his wife began to be very happy. But after a few days, an astrologer told him that his son is very young. This boy will live only for 12 years.

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Hearing this, a mountain of sorrows broke over that couple. On being 16, his mother told Markandeya about his young age. Markandeya could not see his parents unhappy, so he composed a mantra, which was called the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Markandeya Rishi started chanting this mantra every day.

One day while he was reciting the mantra, then the Yamdoots came there to take his life. But due to chanting mantras, he could not even touch Markandeya. Yamdoot told this to Yamraj. Then Yamraj himself came to take the life of Markandeya. Here, Markandeya was chanting the mantra while holding the Shivling.

Yamraj tried to pull them that only when Shiva appeared there and started getting angry on Yamraj. Then Yamraj said, Lord, I am following the rules made by you. Shiva then said that this is my devotee, so I give it longevity. After this, Bholenath and Yamraj left from there. Since then, it is said that the devotees chanting Mahamrityunjaya do not die prematurely.

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