Maharana Pratap get married 11 times and became the father of 22 children

Jun 06 2019 05:04 AM
Maharana Pratap get married 11 times and became the father of 22 children

Today is Maharan Pratap Jayanti. Maharana Pratap, the great warrior who has been chucks to the Mughals, is known from his time to date. Let us know a few things about them.

1. Maharana Pratap had a total of 11 marriages in her life. They are said to have had all these marriages for political reasons.

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2. Maharana Pratap was called as Kika in childhood. With this, Maharana Pratap's dearest horse was Chetak. Like Maharana Pratap, his horse Chetak was also brave enough.

3. When the Mughal army was lying behind them during the war, the Chetak crossed several feet of the drain to Maharana Pratap on his back, even today, in the Turmeric Valley of Chittor.

4. You should tell you now that there was only one Muslim Sardar who was fighting for Maharana Pratap in the Battle of Haldighati-Hakim Khan Suri.

5. He says that Maharana Pratap, who fought till the last breath to save Mewar, rejected 6 times Akbar's offer to reign in Mewar as king. They did not accept the secret of any ' foreigner '.

6. Tell you that in the Battle of Haldighati, his loyal horse, Chetak, was killed by serious injury. But this martyrdom brought him great prominence.

7. Called Maharana Pratap had 17 sons and 5 daughters. Amar Singh, born of Maharani Ajbde, became his successor.

8. Let me tell you that his own son gave Daga and handed over to Mewar Akbar after the death of Maharana Pratap.

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