Maharashtra: Criminals rob jewellery worth Rs. 12 lakh in Baramati

Oct 30 2020 02:17 PM
Maharashtra: Criminals rob jewellery worth Rs. 12 lakh in Baramati

Baramati: A shocking case has emerged from the Baramati district of Maharashtra. Bike riding thieves, while hunting a businessman running a jewellery shop, stole jewellery worth Rs 12 lakh from him. The victim opened her new shop a day before and was robbed in the shop within 24 hours.

A case has been registered in this regard in Vadgaon Nimbalkar area of Baramati. According to the local police, Balaji Kulathe had opened a jewellery shop in Pulsi village on the Muhurta of Dussehra. On the second day of the inauguration, when Balaji was going to his house, three boys came on the bike. The three put chilli powder in the businessman's eye and escaped with the jewellery bag in his hand. According to the police, the bag contained jewellery worth around Rs 12 lakh.

After this incident, the businessman called his brother and informed him, who immediately tried to run after the thieves, but the thieves opened fire. Later the police was informed about this incident. After the dolibri incident, local police officers rushed to the spot, tried to capture the thieves under siege but could not succeed. Now the police have registered a case against unknown thieves and the case is being investigated.

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