Nawab Malik dragged 'Fletcher Patel' name, got THIS reply

Mumbai: The NCB is currently in the news for the drugs case in Maharashtra. Every step of the NCB is being watched by the people and every decision of the NCB is now being discussed in the political corridors. Amidst all this, Nawab Malik, minister in the Maharashtra government, is also in the news. He is targeting NCB. He is constantly questioning NCB director Sameer Wankhede and even questioning the working style of the entire NCB. The previous day, he tweeted, "A man named Fletcher Patel is the outspoken brother of Sameer Wankhede's sister Yasmin. But the NCB has kept him in many cases as a punch witness.''

Now, after this allegation, Fletcher Patel himself has given clarification coming forward. First of all, know who Fletcher Patel is? - Fletcher Patel is a former non-commissioned officer of the 84 Armoured Regiment. He is currently working for ex-servicemen. At the same time, he also runs an institution called the Sainik Federation. Now that the Nawab Malik has made these serious allegations against him, he has made it clear that he has known the Wankhede family since childhood. At the same time, he also said, "Where is Nawab Malik getting the internal documents of NCB?''

He further said, "Panchnama is an internal document. Who is leaking these documents to Nawab Malik? As an ex-serviceman, I have always believed in helping the police.'' At the same time, he insisted, 'If Wankhede ever calls him again, he will be there to help him in ten minutes. According to him, he can help anyone, he doesn't have to seek permission from Nawab Malik.'

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