Nawab Malik's big statement- NCB trying to trap my son-in-law...

Mumbai: Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra government and an NCP leader, has put the NCB and the Central government in the dock once again. Addressing a press conference, Nawab Malik blamed that I was being targeted politically. He said that NCB tried to implicate my son-in-law Sameer Khan behindĀ the BJP. Nawab Malik mocked the NCB saying that the agency could not distinguish between tobacco and ganja.

He also said that BJP people are saying that Nawab Malik's son-in-law (Sameer Khan) is a drug dealer. I am being attacked by a variety of political attacks. My son-in-law has been framed by the NCB. Former CM (Devendra Fadnavis) also attacked me. He further said that ever since I raised the issue of Manish Bhanushali and his relationship with the BJP, the BJP has been attacking me.

Further, Nawab Malik said that his son-in-law was implicated in a false case. He said that which was said to be 200 kg ganja, was recovered only seven and a half grams of marijuana near Sahista Furniturewala. The CA report revealed that the item received is herbal tobacco. The biggest question that arises is that such a large agency NCB is not able to distinguish between tobacco and ganja. Malik said, "According to my information, such agencies have an instant testing kit which shows whether the recovered item is something covered in the NDPS Act or not.'' Malik further alleged that the court report declaims all this. Accordingly, NCB worked to frame individuals.

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