Pune: While living in a live-in Relationship, father kills his child

Pune: A shocking case has come to light from Pune city of Maharashtra. In fact, here a father killed his 13-day-old child. Under the information received, the young man became a father while living in a live-in, which he did not want to become because he was worried about the girl and his future. That is why he killed the child. The victim has lodged a complaint with the police station about the entire case. After receiving information about the case, the police found the clothes of the newborn in the forest which were found about two and a half years later.

The main accused in the case is Shubham Mahesh Bhande (22 years) who hails from Vadgaon Sheri area of Pune. On the other hand, 23-year-old Yogesh Suresh Kale, a resident of Manjari area, has also been arrested. In this case, the police say that the entire case dates to the year 2018. At that time, a young man and woman were living in a live-in replacement ship and both worked in the same company. The two were friends at first, but later fell in love with friendship. After that, the two started living together. On March 14, 2019, the young woman gave birth to a baby and the baby was perfectly fine at birth. At that time, Shubham told the victim, 'He is leaving the child in the orphanage thinking about the future of the two.''

He took his son away after being discharged from the hospital on March 28. After that, when the child's mother questioned the accused Shubham about the child, he could not explain it clearly. The girl became suspicious and told the police everything. Police investigated and the accused confessed to the crime.

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