Youth made a bomb by watching YouTube, went to the police station and said, "Defuse it..."

Amidst the Corona crisis, there was an uproar at Nandanvan police station in Nagpur, Maharashtra, when a man named Rahul Pagade entered the police station with a bag in his hand and told the policemen that the bag in my hand contained a bomb. Defuse it. The policemen were stunned to hear this.

Rahul initially told Nagpur police that he had seen the bag full of bombs lying unclaimed but when the police suspected him he admitted that he had made the bomb by watching YouTube. He did not intend to harm anyone. Rahul told the police that he made a bomb-like object by watching YouTube but could not defuse the bomb after that. Rahul then put the bomb in the bag and reached the police station directly. When the man reached the police station, there was an uproar in the entire police station.

In fact, this is a case of Nandanvan police station area of Nagpur district of Maharashtra. Nandanvan police called a bomb disposal squad and defused the bomb on the complaint of a bomb in the bag. When the Nandanvan police handed over the the bomb to the bomb disposal squad, the BDDS squad cut the electric circuit with a battery. Police have registered a case against the offender under Section 285, 286 of IPC, Section 7,25 (1) (A) of Indian Arms Act, Section 123 of IPC. However, on the entire case, Nagpur Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar said that a youth was trying to make a bomb by watching videos on YouTube.

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