Youth kills minor to take revenge for insulting mother

Jun 12 2021 12:27 PM
Youth kills minor to take revenge for insulting mother

Nagpur: A shocking news has come from Nagpur in Maharashtra. In fact, 20-year-old Suraj Sahu has killed a 15-year-old teenager in order to avenge his mother's humiliation here. A police official said, giving details in the case. In fact, this has been reported last Friday. An official of MIDC police station said that a youth named Suraj Sahu kidnapped Manglu Pandey (15) on Thursday and beat him to death with a stone.

The police officer says Sahu has claimed that the teenager's uncle had harassed and insulted his mother. As part of the information received in the case, the accused had called Manglu's parents and threatened them saying, "If they send a photo of Manglu's uncle's severed head through WhatsApp, Manglu will return alive and after some time he beat Manglu to death with a stone."

Police said Sahu fled the spot but was nabbed from Borkhedi. This is not the first case, but there have been many similar shocking cases before.

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