Maharashtra: State Cabinet to meet today to seal new timing of grocery stores

Mumbai: Maharashtra's CM has imposed 15 days of stringent restrictions in the state in view of the growing corona infection. Let me tell all of you that these restrictions exempt the purchase and sale of certain essential commodities like medical services, public and private transport, petrol pumps, grocery, vegetable shops, etc. Now, looking at the situation, it is clear that these stringent restrictions have not had much effect. Roads and markets are still crowded and the biggest excuse is said to be 'going to pick up groceries or vegetables'. That is why an important meeting was convened by the Deputy Chief Minister yesterday in which it was decided to allow grocery stores to open only from 7 am to 11 am.

Let us also tell all of you whether to seal this decision or move towards a major decision on complete lockdown. The crucial meeting chaired by the Chief Minister today is 3 pm. It has been called at 30 o'clock. Now it has to be seen what is decided in this meeting.

Grocery Shops- Let us also tell you that if the Chief Minister today seals the decision to keep grocery shops open from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., it may be opposed by the traders. In fact, the traders here have said that if the deadline for essential services shops is reduced, the rush in the shops can increase at the same time. He says this will increase corona infection swell further. The chairman of the trade union, Viren Shah himself, has appealed that the chief minister should not implement the decision.

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