Mahashivratri 2020: Why Parvati's family refused her to marry Lord Shiva

Feb 14 2020 05:25 PM
Mahashivratri 2020: Why Parvati's family refused her to marry Lord Shiva

The festival of Mahashivaratri is dedicated to Mahadev, the God of Gods and Mother Parvati. Apart from this, on this day, Shiva devotees worship Bholenath by worshiping him. According to the scriptures, it is believed that Lord Shiva and mother Parvati were married on the day of Mahashivaratri. Apart from this, there is a very interesting story in the scriptures in this regard, which is as follows. According to religious beliefs, Goddess Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva and all the Gods and Goddesses also wanted Parvati to be married to Mount Rajakanya Parvati. At the same time, the Gods sent Kandarp to Lord Shiva, who proposed Shiva to Goddess Parvati, whom Shiva rejected and consumed her with his third eye.

Several forms of Shiva will be seen in the city of Ujjain Mahakal

Goddess Parvati had accepted Bholenath as her husband. Parvati undertook rigorous penance to make Shiva her bridesmaid. With this, his austerity caused chaos everywhere. The foundation of big mountains also began to stagger. Shiva then opened his eyes and asked Parvati to marry a prince. Because living with them is not easy. But where did Parvati say that if she marries, she will do only with Shiva? Seeing Parvati's love, Shiva agreed to marry her. When Shiva went to marry Parvati, ghosts and spirits also accompanied her. When Shiva's unique procession reached Parvati's house, all the gods were shocked. Mother Parvati was also scared to see Bholenath's procession.

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Parvati's mother could not accept Shiva in this strange form and she refused to give her daughter's hand. Seeing the same situation worsening, Mother Parvati prayed to Shiva that she should come prepared according to her customs, Shiva accepted her prayer and ordered all the gods to make her beautiful. Hearing this, all the gods came into action and started preparing them. Shiva was bathed in divine water and decorated with flowers of Shesham. Apart from this, when Shiva reached this divine form, Parvati's mother immediately accepted him and the marriage ceremony started in the presence of Brahma. Mother Parvati and Bholenath garlanded each other and this marriage took place.

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