Mahavishnu: Don't do it by mistake on Thursday

Today is Thursday and mahavishnu ji is worshipped on this day. It is said that worshipping Mahavishnu ji on this day makes him happy and gives him the desired boon. It is also said that worshipping Lord Vishnu on Thursday sings Mother Lakshmi, though certain rules should be taken care of on Thursdays. In fact, nothing should be done on Thursdays, because doing these things has a negative impact on life and can lead to economic constraints. Today, we are going to tell you about the same things.

it is said that nails or hair should not be cut on Thursdays. At the same time, women should not wash their hair on Thursdays. It is also believed that doing these things reduces wealth and prosperity. It is said that fathers, gurus and saints represent Jupiter, so don't insult them on Thursdays or anytime. On this day i.e. Thursday, neither make khichdi at home nor eat. If possible, avoid washing clothes on Thursdays, and avoid going to the hospital if not too much is necessary.

It is said that on Thursdays, you should purify and light a lamp of pure desi ghee of the cow before Lord Vishnu. At the same time, saffron or turmeric tilak should be applied on the head. On this day, you should donate yellow things and fast if possible. On this day, one should offer yellow laddoos on Lord Shiva and worship the banana tree. At the same time, yellow dish or fruit should be offered in prasad and banana should be donated.

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