'Mahesh Bhatt used to make daughter in the day and wife in the night', the famous actress accused of ruining it.

In the Bollywood industry, there is more than one revelation. Every day someone says something that is shocking. So far, mahesh bhatt, the well-known director of the bollywood industry, has been constantly in the discussion and there have been many revelations about him. Now there is a shocking revelation between all of them. In fact, mahesh bhatt has been made serious allegations by many actresses so far and the name of a pakistani actress is also included in the same list. In fact, he has made many allegations against Mahesh Bhatt.

Let us tell you all that Pakistani actress Meera worked in Mahesh Bhatt's film 'Nazar' and now she has made a shocking revelation. Pakistani actress Meera has made many allegations against him. In fact, Meera said that 'Mahesh Bhatt has exploited me, he said that I was an actress who gave a very bold and intimate scene on screen, so I have no problem in doing such scenes.' '

At the same time, she said, "Mahesh Bhatt took advantage of this thing, he gave me work in his films, I gave bold scenes in many films, but Mahesh Bhatt demanded from him that he will not work with any director only in his films. At the same time, she alleged that Mahesh Bhatt said that she will not sign the film with any other director.

"Once I worked with a director in the film, he reached the sets of the shooting there and he even slapped me, he ruined my career with these actions of his, he knew me by the name of daughter Meera during the day and at night he used to say I love you to me. During the day he used to consider me as a daughter and he considered you as his wife, he put pressure on me and beat me up and also beat me a lot. '

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