Mahesh Manjrekar big revelation about Salman Khan
Mahesh Manjrekar big revelation about Salman Khan

Not only the actor's family but his fans and friends also want to know the answer to the question of when famous Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will get married. Salman and his friend and co-star Mahesh Manjrekar have also commented on his marriage. Mahesh feels that even though there are millions who love Salman, Salman Khan is actually alone. He has a problem with the fact that Salman is not married yet.

Mahesh Manjrekar said in an interview, 'Sometimes it happens that I talk to him about what the rest of the people can't do. I told Salman that I have a problem with you not getting married. I want you to get married. I want to see Salman's son tomorrow. More than half the time he ignores what I say, but I feel like he wants someone to be with him.'

The same 'sometimes it seems that the happier he looks from the outside, the more lonely he feels from within.' You must have seen that where Salman lives is a one-bedroom flat. Whenever I go to his house, I see him lying on the sofa in the drawing-room for more than half the time. I think this person has had so much success. He is a successful man, but the man behind him is a typical middle-class man.

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