Mahindra giving special discount to women's on cars

May 22 2020 05:16 PM
Mahindra giving special discount to women's on cars

Renowned automobile manufacturers Mahindra and Mahindra have now come up with new schemes to attract customer sentiment. There is a lockdown due to Coronavirus and so most of the economic sectors and automobile sectors have been affected. Various schemes have been introduced to boost its sales and now Mahindra is also financing 100% on-road for the sale of its SUV. The company is offering on this finance scheme that you buy a Mahindra SUV in 2020 and start paying EMI from 2021. To motivate buyers, Mahindra now has the longest loan time of 8 years for repayment. Mahindra interest rate is being discounted by 10 basis points for buyers. 

Mahindra is offering special schemes for doctors, healthcare workers, police officers and other Corona frontline workers and women buyers. Financial schemes now have the option to buy a car and pay for doctors later. 50% are waiving processing fees.

The scheme offers a 90-day extension that allows the buyer to start paying EMI only after 90 days. Police workers are getting high funding schemes and those who are planning to buy BS6 pickup trucks, Mahindra has an offer for them where buyers will have to pay the same amount as a BS4 vehicle.

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