Mahira Sharma talks about Paras- Akanksha's relationship
Mahira Sharma talks about Paras- Akanksha's relationship

Paras Chhabra's journey in the famous TV show Bigg Boss 13 has been a great journey. He reached the final round and he got a lot of support from the fans. The thing that he was most talked about was his relationship with TV actress Akanksha Puri. Salman Khan in the middle of the show revealed that Paras is not single and is in a relationship with Akanksha. After which people started talking different kinds of things. Akanksha herself questioned the closeness of Mahira and Paras inside Bigg Boss house. Recently, Mahira expressed her opinion about the relationship between Paras and Akanksha.

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In an interview given to a media reporter, Mahira was asked that Akanksha has always cursed Paras Chhabra, what is your reaction to this. While answering this, Mahira said, "If two people love and worry about each other, they do not bring out such things publicly. We do not give interviews in front of the media. I do not understand these things. If there is true love between you, then you will not bring your partner down. You will not insert him publicly and wait that he comes back so that the situation can be rectified by talking."

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Mahira was asked if she felt that he had a breakup with Akanksha before Paras's entry in Bigg Boss house. Responding to this, Mahira said, "I don't know. He had said in front of everyone on National TV but I never paid attention. When he came in, he had a tattoo named Akanksha in his hand. I believed that he has a girlfriend and I kept a distance while respecting that thing."

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