Maju Varghese, head of White House Military Office, resignes.

NEW YORK: Maju Varghese, who is of Indian ancestry, is stepping down as director of the White House Military Office, according to a media report quoting him.

"Right now, one thing I learnt during two tours here is that it's a tough place to work because the work is incredibly essential, and we throw all we've got into it," he remarked as he prepared to leave after a gruelling year.

He worked with the military to ensure medical support, emergency medical services, presidential transportation, communications, and the organisation of ceremonial ceremonies and festivities at the White House.

"These are complicated moves involving helicopters and planes, as well as ground transportation and communications, and supporting huge events and global travel is difficult in and of itself," Varghese explained. "Now that you've added Covid, you have to consider everything that comes with health and safety." When he was the chief operations officer of Biden's election campaign and then in the White House, he worked closely with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy to safeguard everyone's health during the pandemic.

"The way he would manage meetings and both lay out a road forward, reassure people, his composure in the face of real adversity and uncertainty," Murthy added. He has served as a special assistant to President Barack Obama and as the deputy director of advance planning for his trip in the United States and abroad.

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