Make and feed the family today this is the most tasty pulao

No matter how much people eat in cold weather, they don't fill their stomachs because if something hot comes in front of them, they are tempted to eat it. In such a situation, eating pulao in the cold is a fun of its own. Now today we are going to tell you the recipe of pulao which you can easily make and feed to your family. Let us know.

Basmati rice 200 g or 2 small bowls, lime 1, desi ghee or refined oil 1 tbsp, cumin seeds 1 tsp, cloves - break into 3-4 pieces, peel large cardamom 1-2 and remove the grains, green chilli 1 (finely chopped), french beans 50 g or 15-16, capsicum 2 chopped, cabbage 50 g chopped, Green fresh peas peeled a bowl, coriander chopped, salt to taste.

Method - First add soaked rice to the bowl in the microwave and add twice the water to the rice, and add lemon juice and salt. Now cover the rice and cook in the microwave for 12 minutes. You will see the rice and know that the rice is cooked. Take it out of the microwave, and open the lid. Then place the pan on the gas, add ghee and heat it, and now add cumin seeds. Now after the cumin seeds are brown, add cloves, cardamom seeds and green chillies, fry for a minute and now add all the green vegetables and salt. Then fry with a pan for 2-3 minutes and now cover the vegetables for 2-3 minutes. Now remove the lid and see that the vegetables are lightly cooked. Then add rice to these vegetables and fry with a pan for 2 minutes and the pulao is ready. If you make it on gas, add ghee to the cooker and heat it, now add cumin seeds. Now after roasting the cumin seeds, add cloves and cardamom seeds and green chillies and fry for 1 minute, now add all the vegetables, fry for 2 minutes, and now add rice and fry again for 2 minutes and add water from rice. Finally, now add lemon juice and salt, close the cooker. Then, as soon as the pressure comes in the cooker, you turn off the gas. Open the cooker after about 5 minutes, the casserole is ready.

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