Biscuits and cookies rot due to moisture, so make crispy with these easy tips

Everyone is at the forefront of eating biscuits, whether it is a child or a big one. However, when elders often open a packet of biscuits, they eat one or two and keep it open. By doing this, the biscuit is left open and keeping it open makes its crispiness disappear and the taste is lost. Sometimes these cats, being soft, get off the test so that they have to be thrown away. However, there are some tips that will help if adopted. Yes, you can try these methods if you want to protect biscuits or cookies from rot if they are rot and crispy again.

* Biscuits get moist when we don't store them properly. Whenever you open the biscuit, place it in a container and make sure that the container is airtight so that it does not air. Do not leave the biscuits open for more than half an hour.

Use microwave - Biscuits and cookies can be crispy from microwaves. In fact, if your biscuits are sealed, the microwave can bring them back to life. For this, if you put the biscuits in the microwave at 180°C and then let them heat for five minutes and take them out, you will find the biscuits in crispy form.

Use a hot pan - Heat a frying pan or pan well on the gas to make the sile biscuits crisp. Then place all the biscuits on top of the griddle and slow down the flame of the gas and keep flipping the biscuits in the middle. Now take them out after a while, which makes biscuits or cookies crispy.

How to store or not seal - store biscuits and cookies in an airtight lid container. Also do not store cookies with different flavours in the same container at the same time. Because everyone has their own label of moisture, it also gives chances of spoiling other biscuits. At the same time, do not keep the container in a very cold place. Use only glass or plastic containers.

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