Make Crispy French Fries at home in this way: follow these easy steps
Make Crispy French Fries at home in this way: follow these easy steps

Every year on July 13, people celebrate French Fries Day. To celebrate this special day, make some homemade french fries. It is currently everyone's preferred food for passing the time. You can make it quickly and enjoy it whenever you want.

French fries are a great breakfast option if you enjoy crunchy potatoes as snacks. It takes incredibly little time to prepare. French fries are a favorite food of both kids and adults. What do you say if you can make it yourself at home?

French fries originated in Belgium, though many people mistakenly believe that French cuisine is where they first appeared. The Meuse Valley's residents are thought to have gone fishing and cooked them. They had trouble finding fish because of the weather change. The villagers then began looking for other food sources. He started preparing potatoes in this manner.

British soldiers in World War I are credited with creating french fries. He gave the dish the name "French fries" because French is the language spoken most often in southern Belgium. It also pairs well with mayonnaise or tomato ketchup. So let's learn how to make French fries.


500 grams of potatoes

salt as needed

2 cups of refined oil


To make this simple recipe, cut the potatoes correctly. It shouldn't be excessively thick or thin.
In ice-cold water, soak the cut potatoes for ten to fifteen minutes.

Now, warm the oil in the pan before deep-frying the potatoes. Turn off the gas when it starts to become crispy.
Serve it hot with ketchup and season it with salt and pepper.

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