Make effective scrub at home with Sea salt
Make effective scrub at home with Sea salt

Scrubbing is very important, doing this improves the blood circulation and the dead skin gets out. According to the Expert, salt is more effective than market scrub. But the skin should be used according to the type of skin. Make scrub with Sea salt and coconut oil and even you can add any essential oil in it.

Sea salt dead removes skin. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin from the interior. If you wish, you can store this prepared scrub in the refrigerator. Clean the face with it slowly and lukewarm water. Rosemary, lemon and salt scrub are beneficial for scrubber skin prepared with all these things. If nervous disorder is there, then instead of salt, you can add epsom salt and magnesium salt. To make this scrub, you need three stem rosemary, half bowl salt, 5 tablespoon olive oil, 5 tablespoon lemon juice and one lemon peel.

Mix salt, lemon juice and peel in a bowl. Mix olive oil and chopped rosemary in this prepared mixer. Put it on face for 15 minutes. After this, clean the face.

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