Make eggless truffle cake on birthday, eaters will praise

If you are fond of eating sweets then today you can make eggless truffle cake. This eggless truffle cake  will look great to eat and it will also be easy to make. So let's know how to make eggless truffle cake.

Ingredients for making eggless truffle cakes-
For sponge:150 ml (ml. oil
275 g sugar
185 g milk med
375 g curd
375 g maida
9 grams of baking soda
9 g baking powder
For sugar syrup: 200 g sugar
200 ml (ml. water
For truffle:500 grams of dark chocolate
250 grams fresh cream

Method of making eggless truffle cake- First of all, mix all the ingredients except oil and take the fant. Now add oil at the end and mix. Then put in the moulds and bake for 35-40 minutes at 180 degrees. Now leave the sponge to cool.

For truffle: First cut the dark chocolate and put it in a bowl and boil the cream in the saucepan and pour it over the chocolate and mix well until the chocolate melts. Now leave to cool down.

For sugar syrup: Boil water and sugar to make syrup. Strain and keep it to cool. Make the whole cake. Now cut the cold sponge into three parts. After this, place a layer of cake on the cake board and apply sugar syrup on it. Repeat the same process with the rest of the layer. After this, now finally cover the upper part and edges with a truffle. Leave the truffle to be set. Finally, melt the truffle, put it on top of the cake and put it in the fridge.

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