Make sure to make the most delicious Makhana kheer on Lohri

The festival of Lohri is about to come. This is the festival which is celebrated every year with great pomp. Let us tell you that there is a tradition of making Kheer on this festival celebrated on 13th January and this Kheer is eaten the next day. Let us tell you that the tradition of making Kheer on Lohri has been going on for years. Although the traditional method of making kheer is slightly different, but today we will tell you about the kheer made from makhana and chironji. You can make it easily and it will look great on you too. Let us tell you that this kheer made from makhana is not only made on Lohri but it can be made on any fast or festival. Yes and you will need these ingredients to make this kheer.

Ingredients for making Makhana Kheer -
milk one liter
Makhana 100 grams
Chironji 50 grams
desired dry fruits
Sugar or jaggery.
By the way, the taste of this kheer is completely different from jaggery.

 Method of making Makhana kheer- To make Makhana kheer, heat milk in a thick bottomed vessel. At the same time, when it comes to a boil, slow the gas and cook for some time. Now after this cut the makhana into small pieces and put it. Also add chironji together. Now cook the milk mixed with makhana and chironji for five to five minutes. After this, when it becomes thick, then put jaggery in this milk. During this, keep in mind that add the jaggery in small pieces. So that it is easy to dissolve. Keep stirring the milk together. At the end, cut your favorite dry fruits and put them in this kheer. So take Makhana kheer is ready, just serve it hot or cold. If you want, you can also add dry fruits on top for decoration.

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