Make the skin glowing and beautiful with these vitamins

Make the skin glowing and beautiful with these vitamins

To maintain beauty, it is also important to eat not only expensive-expensive beauty products but also to eat nutritious foods. It is very important to have adequate amounts of vitamins in the nutritious diet. Because these vitamins are helpful in refining the skin. Due to the lack of vitamins in the body, the skin starts getting worse, which has a bad effect on the beauty. 

1- Vitamin A is very important for getting glowing skin. To meet the shortage of vitamin A, you can consume carrots, papaya, watermelon, pumpkin, tomatoes, spinach, eggs and milk. Consumption of papaya brings natural light to the skin. In Papaya, there is a rich amount of vitamin A, vitamin C which retains the beauty of skin. 

2- Vitamin B is very important to get rid of the problem of glowing skin and acne. Vitamin B works to keep blood circulation correct and eliminates the problem of Vitamin B3 Acne. You can eat eggs and dates broccoli to cure vitamin B deficiency. 

3- Antioxidants present in vitamin C are also helpful in keeping the skin clean as well as keeping the young. Apart from this, vitamin C relieves oily skin problem. To meet the shortage of Vitamin C, you can take a tomatoes. Apart from this, you can also use tomato paste on your face. Applying tomato juice on the face gives rise to skin.

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