Make this cooling potato and yogurt gravy Recipes

Jun 16 2016 06:03 PM
Make this cooling potato and yogurt gravy Recipes

The temperature is soaring so high that all I have been eating or drinking is curd in copious amounts. I have raitas with everything at home with either glasses of buttermilk and lassi and light yoghurt gravies.

I got this recipe for dahi walle aloo from a dear friend, Smita, eons ago. I made it and shared the picture with her and she went “but this will taste better with mashed potatoes” and I went “but it looks prettier this way”.

I know I know it does sound familiar to all you food bloggers there. I promised that I would try the mashed version and I did, but honestly, I think I like the taste of the unmashed one better as well.

I have been making this recipe at home on a regular basis and another friend recently told me that dahi walle aloo was the first dish she and her family ate at home with puris on the day of Holi.

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