Make this easy and delicious Milk Cake recipe at home

Jun 28 2016 05:05 PM
Make this easy and delicious Milk Cake recipe at home

Milk Cake is an immensely popular sweet dish from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. It is also known as Malai Burfi or Kalakand, depending on which part of India you’re in.

Usually made during different festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Navratri and Eid, the dish works well for those who don’t like their dessert to be too sweet since the sugar level in the dish is usually on a lower scale.

Here’s a simple recipe to help you make this sweet dish at home.


2.5l – Milk

1 cup (250g) Sugar

– 1/2 tsp – Ghee 1

– Lemon 1 tsp

– Cardamon powder


*Take the milk in a vessel with a heavy bottom and place it on high flame to simmer.

* When the milk starts simmering, start stirring it. It is important to stir the milk constantly, or else it will stick to the bottom of the vessel.

* Cook until milk reduces to one-third of its original quantity and then reduce the flame.

* Now, to make the texture grainy, add 3-4 tsp lemon juice into it and mix well. Leave it as it is for 30 seconds on low flame and stir the milk again constantly, cooking it on low flame till the until the consistency gets slightly dense.

* When the milk gets thick and grainy in texture, add sugar and keep stirring constantly. Cook until milk gets really thick in consistency, the colour becomes brown and the mixture starts emanating a pleasant aroma.

* At this stage, the mixture is ready. Reduce the flame, but continue to stir constantly.

* Now, add green cardamom into the mixture and mix well. To make the cardamom powder, peel the cardamoms, take out seeds and grind them to a powder.

* Take a small vessel in which you can set the milk cake, and grease it nicely with some ghee.

* Once the mixture becomes thick in consistency, it can then be set. Turn off the flame and transfer the mixture to the small, greased vessel and cover it.

* Keep aside the vessel to set. In 24 hours, the milk cake will completely set.

* To take out the milk cake from the vessel, run a knife all around it and reheat the vessel over the flame for 5-6 seconds to separate it from the vessel.

* Now flip it over a plate, tap on the top to separate the milk cake.

* Once out, cut it into chunks of any shape or size as you wish. * Serve it immediately or keep it and savour the delicious sweet dish over the next couple of days.

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