Make vaseline bleach at home to cleanse the face

Vaseline is considered to be good enough for skin care in the winter season. You all know that Vaseline is used to remove the dryness of torn lips and skin. But did you know that with the help of Vaseline you can make bleach? Yes, you probably don't know, but today we're going to tell you how to do it. In fact, homemade vaseline bleach is considered to be quite good for sensitive skin. At the same time, women of sensitive skin are not able to use chemical bleach on the face and women of sensitive skin can use vaseline bleach. You can get instant glow with the help of all the Vaseline bleach. So let's know today how to make vaseline bleach.

How to make vaseline bleach- Take a tomato, turmeric powder, vaseline to make the bleach. First of all, clean the tomatoes thoroughly and make a smooth paste. Now after this, add vaseline and turmeric to this paste and make a good paste. After doing all this, apply this paste on the face. Wash your face after 30 minutes.

The right way to apply vaseline bleach - Clean the face with water before applying bleach. Yes and then apply a thick layer of bleach on the face. Now if the bleach is dry, clean the face with clean water. Do this twice a week. Yes, use this homemade bleach twice. A day before you go to the wedding party, do vaseline bleach on the face as it will make your face look clean and shiny.

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