Make your lips pink using coriander

Jan 05 2019 03:11 PM
Make your lips pink using coriander

Sometimes the use of lipsticks continuously makes the lips black and ugly. If you want to return your old color to your lips, then use the remedies we have mentioned. By doing this measure, your lips will become pink and soft.

Let's know how to make lips pink -


Green coriander, rose water, coconut oil or indigenous ghee 

1- First, mix some leaves of green coriander with rose water and grind it well.

2- Now put this paste of green Coriander and Gulabajal on your lips and massage it well for 10 minutes.

After continuous massage for 3 to 10 minutes, keep it like this on 10 minutes lip.

4- Then wash your lips. Also, take special care to use lukewarm water to wash lips. Do not use soap or face wash to wash lips.

5- After washing, apply coconut oil or ghee on the lips. This will make the lips soft.

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