Embellish your nails with these arts and tricks

Women resort to nail paints to show their hands more beautiful, there are many other ways in which we can grace them.

Nail culture: If your nails are small or broken, you can resort to nail culture technology. Under this technique, broken nails can be brought back to natural form.

Nail art: You can get nail art to embellish the beauty of the nails. You can also decorate your nails by matching the golden and silver beads, stone and prized embroidery. Flowers, leaves, coloured feathers, pearls, etc. are also used to decorate nails in this art.

Brick nail paints: For this nail art, first the shape of nail is corrected. These days, square-shaped nails are liked very much. In addition, those who have small nails can decorate the nails by planting artificial nail.

Nail piercing: You can also get nail piercing to give a special look to a particular finger. It is decorated with a hole in the nails with ring making the nails look extremely attractive.

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