Makeup Artist Bhavikaa Saluja: “Aditi Hundia (Miss Diva Supranational 2018) Is Very Sweet”

Aditi Hundia, a renowned figure in the fashion world, was crowned FBB Colors Femina Miss India Rajasthan in 2017. Aditi went on to secure a position in Miss Diva 2018 pageantry, where she was titled Miss Diva Supranational, and then went on to represent India at the renowned Miss Supranational competition in Poland in 2018. She has a sizable social media following.

The nature of her work necessitates her to be constantly on the move and to apply a variety of cosmetic styles to fit each occasion or runaway she attends. She started modelling in 2016 and has been doing so ever since. She has met several makeup artists along the way, one of them is Bhavikaa Saluja, a Jaipur-based make-up artist. They met for the first time in a formal, professional setting. The iconic DNA Connect Fashion Show in Jaipur was the first project they worked on together.

Slowly and gradually, Aditi andMake-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja built their friendship when the model kept approaching her for more of her events. Whether it be a modelling fest or an event, the duo worked together on many occasions, enamoured by Saluja’s artistic abilities.

The feelings are mutual from Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja’s end as well. She rightfully calls Aditi the “sweetest” girl ever and admits that she enjoyed doing her makeup more than anything. Hundia is always cheerful and encouraging during the make-up application which eases the whole process. Cooperative celebrity clients play a huge role in how well an artist gets to express her designs.The journey from their first meeting to today has been one of an artist-client relationship, to a strong bond of friendship. Yes, the two are now the best of friends today!

Whenever Aditi contacts her, Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja is always happy to accommodate her in her schedule. Aditi even reveals that when Bhavikaa does the make-up, she knows exactly what Aditi aims for and meets all of their demands. Moreover, she is easy to communicate with and is very responsive.Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja’s work is so flawless that Hundia recommends her to her friends as well.

Alongside Aditi, most of the models who have been clients to the makeup artists have reviewed her positively. Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja knows how to work with each person’s unique features and after she styles you with her magic wand-like makeup brush, you will feel ready to take on whatever adventure you were going for looking beautiful and spectacular!

To connect with her on Instagram- @bhavikaasaluja10

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