5 Strobing makeup technique for perfect look

Ladies strobing makeup is not a new technique. It is being used since for a long time. Apart from highlighting and contouring, this makeup technique gives you a fresh and dewy look. It is your skin which tells the society what a healthy lifestyle you lead.
Here are 5 steps guide for perfect strobing makeup technique.

#1 Prep your skin
-Use a nice hydrating moisturizer. You need to get a glow, so you need to pamper and replenish dry skin.
-Use a water-based moisturizer for oily skin.

#2 Get your regular makeup done and dusted
-Strobing is the last part of your makeup routine. Apply your foundation, concealer, and eye colours before you get to the next step.

#3 Highlight
-Pick a highlighter that is as close to your natural skin tone.
-If you have fair skin, you should choose white to pinky-beige highlights.
-Medium toned skins look gorgeous in bronze-beige or golden hues.
-Gold, peachy and orange shades are ideal for darker skin tones.

#4 Blend
-Use your ring finger to blend it in thoroughly. Don’t leave any harsh edges.
-Finish the look with a slight pink-peach blush to the apples of your cheeks.

#5 Oily or acne affected skin?
If your skin is oily, all your facial products should have a matte finish, and only the highlighter should be shimmery. This keeps the look subtle and not jazzy.

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