Malnutrition: The Crisis in India

Malnutrition in India is a pressing problem. The rapidly rising population and increasing proportion of the population living in urban areas are causing continuing issues. It is shocking to know that we have achieved technological advancement, and the Indian population is malnourished.

Micronutrients are required in small quantities and are responsible for vital functions of the body. One-third of about two billion people suffering from vitamin and micronutrient deficiency is in India.

Malnutrition in childhood results in poverty and further malnutrition during childhood. Stunting during infancy is linked to health problems in adulthood. Because of stunting  Indians experience low wages. Workers who were stunted as children earn less than they should.

Mid-day meals and integrated child development schemes have become irregular during the continuous closure of schools. This has compelled the malnourished children living in poverty since they have largely dependent on these services to fulfill their rights.

The problem of malnutrition can become worse in the future due to climate change. A study projects that by 250 CO2 concentration will reach 550 parts, per million. In such situations concentration of nutrients such as protein, iron, and zinc in crops could drop by between three and seventeen percent. This is due to photosynthesis rates being increased, resulting in more rapid plant growth and higher calorie content, at the expense of lower nutritional density.

Malnutrition can further give rise to several diseases. Besides increasing the risk of infant mortality. Anemia is a common condition that can result from a lack of iron intake. When combined with other conditions it can potentially result in mortality.

Malnutrition heightens the risk of contracting numerous infections. In its most severe forms, it can cause muscle wasting. All of these things can reduce the capacity of the individual to work, which, as malnutrition affects those in poverty, can lead to adverse financial situations.

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