Mamata said "BJP is Mir Jaffer's and decoit party during an election rally"

Kolkata: All the political parties are engaged in campaigning for the West Bengal assembly elections. In order to strengthen its hold among the public, a series of rhetoric and rallies are going on among the parties. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Trinamool supremo and CM Mamata Banerjee also addressed a public meeting in Purulia. During this, he attacked the BJP fiercely.

Mamta Banerjee said that the BJP government is shutting down the central institutions, only the "factory of lies" of PM Narendra Modi will continue to operate. He said that in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, the BJP government took away the land rights from the tribals, but our government restored the land rights of the tribals. Mamta further said that our government has helped to overcome the problem of water. The work that is being given for 100 days now can also be changed in 200 days. He said that the BJP only makes false promises.

CM Mamta Banerjee said that this party is the party of Mir Jaffer and the dacoit. Today the situation of women and Dalits is bad in UP. Earlier, Mamta alleged that BJP has "called goons to threaten people". These goons can come to your house and ask for votes from women.

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