In order to escape cold, watch this young man's trick to bath

It's cold weather and who likes to take a bath in this season. It is like winning a battle that very few people win. Now a similar video is going viral on social media between all of them and you can see it here. In this video, a man is bathing in a large pond or perhaps a river, although the trick he has put up to escape the cold is amazing. We're sure you'll laugh at this video. In fact, you all know that Indians are tricky, they find tricks in everything. Sometimes these tricks are very strange.


The video, which is currently going viral, shows a similar strange trick. You can see a man bathing in water in this viral video and burning something like embroidery in front of him. During this time, he also bakes fire intermittently while taking a bath. At the same time, he dives into the water and as soon as he comes out, he loses his trembling and starts baking fire quickly. You can see this funny video is increasingly liked by people at the moment.

However, the video was shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on his Twitter handle and the caption reads, 'My India is great... Promising India.' At the same time, the video reads, 'Why are so many promising people born in India.' The only 15-second video has won people's hearts at the moment and people seem to be calling it great fun. One user commented and wrote, 'Akhand Gyani.' Another user commented, 'No one can beat Indians in tricks.' There are many such comments that have appeared in the video.

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