Neighbour raped 5-year-old girl, case registered

May 21 2020 02:17 PM
Neighbour raped 5-year-old girl, case registered

Shimla: Even after the lockdown at this time, the cases of crime are increasing. The matter which has recently come up is of Manikarn Valley of Kullu. Where a case of raping a young girl has come up. In this case, the accused has been arrested by the police. The matter is from last Wednesday. This incident happened when a five-year-old girl was alone in a house in Barsheni village of Manikarna valley. Her parents had gone out of the house and seeing the girl alone, the neighbour entered the house and made the little girl a victim of his lust.

In this case, when the parents of the girl child returned to the house, they immediately found out that the daughter had been raped by someone. They immediately took the girl to the police station and from there the police conducted a medical examination of the girl.

Superintendent of Police Gaurav Singh said, "The woman informed that her daughter had been raped by a person." While the police charged the accused under Section 376 AB of the Indian Penal Code, A case has been registered under section 452 and section 6 of the POCSO Act and by taking prompt action by the police, the accused has been arrested.

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