Man arrested for raping cow in Guna

May 19 2020 10:32 AM
Man arrested for raping cow in Guna

The crime case which came to light recently is from Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. Where a cow was raped by a young man. The name of that man was said to be Samar Khan aka Kallu, who is now in police custody. In fact, in the past, the police had filed a case against Samar Khan in several sections and now he is in police custody.

It took place on Saturday at 1:00 pm. Samar Khan raped cow on the square of the lane with Ram Janki temple in Binaganj under the Chachoda police station area. There was a sensation as soon as the locals came to know about it. Meanwhile, someone recorded a video of it and uploaded it on social media, causing a ruckus. In this case, the accused Samar Khan alias Kallu is a resident of Chachora locality.

Kailash Narayan Sharma, living in Binaganj, on Sunday morning, has given a written complaint to the police station of Chachora area and he has been requested to hear the case. In fact, Kailash Narayan told the police that "the accused youth has done a disgraceful act in violation of Hinduism and he has demanded the information of two eyewitness witnesses to take strict action after seeing the police". The police have taken the accused into custody.

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