Man arrested for sexually harassing children

Aug 05 2020 04:57 PM
Man arrested for sexually harassing children

Cass of child assault are growing day by day and such issues bring in light the thought process of people who are involved in such heinous crime. Recently, Two girls have been raped in the Chittoor district. In Madanapalle and Kuppam areas, a man has viciously sexually assaulted children. In Madanapalle Rural Zone, a couple from a village works as laborers. Their daughter (6) was playing alone at home on Monday, a 17-year-old boy to her on the pretext of some bait and then raped her.

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On Tuesday morning the girl became seriously ill and had bloodstains near her private areas on the clothes after which she was asked about the incident. Also, the parents were interrogated and asked regarding the situation that had happened. Madanapalle Rural CI Srinivasan registered a case and launched an investigation following a complaint by the victim's parents. The officials are still investigating the issue.

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In the Kuppam village rural zone, a minor girl from the village animiganipalle was raped by a man named somasekhar (21).  He threatened and sexually assaulted a girl who was alone at home on Monday afternoon. The victims reported the incident to the police the same night of the incident. Kuppam Urban CI Sridhar and SI Narendra Pokso registered a case under the Act and launched an investigation. They are currently searching around to get details. 

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