When the nurse refused to feed medicine, young man beat her up

Sep 21 2019 12:07 PM
When the nurse refused to feed medicine, young man beat her up

Recently, a case of crime has emerged from Madhya Pradesh. In this case there has been an incident of assault with government employees. According to the information received in this case, the sister was on duty at night and the resident man along with his brother and partner reached the government hospital in Kuravar and told the staff nurse that the woman is 5 months pregnant and has a stomachache. After that, on the complaint of the woman's stomach pain, the nurse tested the woman and told that the woman is having stomachache due to acidity. The nurse gave the medicine to the woman.

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After all this, the young man and his partner, while arguing with the female nurse, insisted on feeding the pills by the nurse itself, but the nurse told them that she is busy and the man himself has to give the medicine to the woman. He then became enraged at the refusal of the nurse. the man beat her up and abused the female nurse. According to reports, at the time of this incident, the female nurse tried to dial 100, but the accused fled from the scene after assault.

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At the same time, the female nurse reached the police station with her fellow staff and filed a case against the accused in the night itself. In this case, the police registered a case under sections 353, 186, 332, 506, 34 and MP Medical Protection Act 2008/4 of the IPC and investigation is on.

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