Man became 'wolf' by spending lakhs of rupees for mental peace

A shocking incident is coming out from Japan, where a person has tried his best to portray himself as a wolf. He is also proud to have done so. We are talking about Japanese engineer Taru Ueda. He likes to have a drink after a busy week just like everyone else, but he doesn't go to the local bar for it. Rather, he entertains everyone by wearing a wolf costume at home.

Along with this, he said that he got made a suit for 23 thousand dollars (about 18 lakh rupees). He says that he likes to live as an animal because it makes him forget about human problems for a while. 32-year-old Taru says, 'Whenever I wear this costume, I do not feel that I am a human being. I become free from human relationships. With all kinds of problems, be it work related or other things. I can forget about them by doing this.'

The company from which he got his costume made, makes clothes for films and television series. There were at least 40 e-mails between Taru and the company and they had three face-to-face meetings to get this costume made. In this, Taru told what kind of suit he wanted for himself. Taru asked them to make such a suit, wearing which he would look like a real wolf. He says that the wolf costume gives him that power, which is not felt in everyday life. He says, 'When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a wolf and it moves a lot.' He said, 'I'm not a werewolf, it's a demon on one side and I'm not a demon.'

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