Man becomes a thief to gift expensive smartphones to his girlfriend

Aug 06 2019 03:09 PM
Man becomes a thief to gift expensive smartphones to his girlfriend

Recently, a case of crime has come to light from New Delhi. Two miscreants, who were involved in the stealing of the expensive phones and gift it to their girlfriend, have been arrested and detained by the Special Staff of Dwarka district. In this case, it is reported that the two crooks had come out of jail a few months ago and started to commit the crime again. The Police have recovered three mobile phones and a bike used in the incident.

DCP Anto Alphonse said that "the arrested miscreants have been identified as Sanjay and Dhruv. Sanjay Dabri is a declared crook of the police station. "Five cases of stealing were registered against him," inspector Naveen Kumar reported, when the police cordoned off the area and arrested the miscreants on the information that two miscreants involved in the snatching case were coming to Dada Dev Hospital Dabri.

When the police questioned the miscreants, he told the police that "Sanjay got into a wrong company and started taking drugs." He then began to commit criminal offenses. He was first arrested by police in 2017. He was then caught in February 2019. But 12 days later, he got out of jail and then started pounced with a friend to gift the phone to his girlfriend and then put the expensive phone.

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