Video of man lifting the bike will blow your mind, watch it here

Jun 29 2020 03:51 PM
Video of man lifting the bike will blow your mind, watch it here

A mind-blowing video is going viral on social media. Many people have been surprised to see this person's passion. Obviously it is not a matter of everyone's bus to lift the heavy motorcycle on the head and climb the stairs. This is not easy at all. However, seeing this video, it seems that the person has been doing this amazing work of boarding the bike for a long time. Because he delivers the motorcycle to the roof of the bus from the road.

This shocking video has been shared by a Twitter user named @ks_jishnu, this video has so far received more than nine thousand views and more than 500 likes.

You can clearly see in this video that three people lift the bike together. Keeping him on a thin lean person's head, he goes up stairs. In the beginning of the video, some people are seen picking up the bike and placing it on the head of the person. Then he dodges the gravity and climbs the stairs with the bike as if he has carried a basket of fruits on his head. By the way, it is not as simple as it looks, nor is it really so.

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