When young man refused to marry the girl, beaten to death
When young man refused to marry the girl, beaten to death

Nowadays the cases of crime have come as a surprise to everyone. In such a case, the matter which has recently come up is from Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. In this case, a young man has been painfully murdered. At the same time, he was abducted by the girl's family and then when he refused to marry the girl, he was beaten to death and after that, he was thrown into the kiln. The matter is being reported from Akashpur village of Hammari police station in Muzaffarpur.

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At the same time, according to the victim's family, in this case, a young man refused to marry his daughter and in the meantime, the accused called the young man to himself on the pretext of watching the fair. At the same time, the family of the youth came to know after about two hours that the young man had gone with them. On the other hand, the girl's family put pressure on the young man and then abused and murdered him. At the same time, the young man was killed in an attempt to escape and after that the next morning, the young man's body was reported to be in the water of the kiln.

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In this case, everything was revealed later and the young man's grandfather has accused some people from Bhusahi and Rosi village of Bocha in Hammari police station and filed a case. In this case, the police recovered the young man's body from a kiln located in Tola Itwa and sent it for postmortem and the investigation is going on.

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