Father-in-law murders son-in-law in Andhra Pradesh

Aug 11 2020 12:11 PM
Father-in-law murders son-in-law in Andhra Pradesh

Cases of crime are increasing day by day in Andhra Pradesh. Recently here a man has beheaded his own son-in-law with a sharp weapon. After executing this incident, he reached the police station on his own with his head in his hands and he also confessed his crime. This incident is being reported from Dhara Jagannadhapuram village in East Godavari district. Here a young man named Palla Satyanarayana has committed the murder of his son-in-law Lachchan. It is being said that while executing the incident, Satyanarayan was drunk.

In this case, online media says, Satyanarayana has told the police a lot in this matter. He says, "He killed Lacchan because he came to know that Lacchan murdered his daughter for a second marriage 10 months ago." Not only this, Satyanarayana also alleged, 'Lachchan was plotting to kill his two daughters, who have been living with their maternal grandparents since the death of their mother.' Apart from this, Satyanarayana also said, 'On August 8, he had called his son-in-law Lachchan to his home in his village Dhara Jagannadhapuram on the 10-month death anniversary of his daughter Pavani. Lachan reached Satyanarayana's house in a state of intoxication.'

Along with this, he also allegedly confessed that he killed his wife and Satyanarayana's daughter Pawani for a second marriage. It is being told in this case that he also told Satyanarayana, 'he will take back both his daughters and kill them too'. After hearing this, Satyanarayan got angry and cut off Lachan's head with a sharp weapon. After that Satyanarayana went to the police station with a chopped head of Lacchan and surrendered himself.

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