Man eats 6 burgers in 24 minutes
Man eats 6 burgers in 24 minutes

Nowadays people are very fond of food and drink. Sometimes people give 'food challenges' and many people go too far in their quest to complete it. Now, one such case has come to light. The case is said to be from England. In fact, here a man ate so many burgers together in the name of the Christmas Challenge that even the onlooker's eyes were wide open. In fact, here England's Kyle Gibson took the McDonald's Christmas Challenge and ate 6 burgers at once. You may not be sure to hear, but it is true.

Here Gibson ate burgers in just 24 minutes. The person we are talking about is Kyle Gibson who is a professional etor. He is at the forefront of participating in such challenges day in and day out. Let me tell you that Kyle Gibson ate at least six to seven people in just 24 minutes. Let us also tell you that 23-year-old Kyle Gibson has won such a large mile challenge before. According to reports, the total number of burgers they ate in McDonald's Challenge is 9,600 calories.

Kyle Gibson was given 3 festive crispy chicken steak burgers under the challenge. Along with this there were 2 cheese share boxes, 8 festive pie, 2 celebration mcflarees. According to a website report, Kyle Gibson said at the beginning of the challenge that it was a very easy challenge for him. He said he liked the burger a lot. At the same time, he says that he has been doing such challenges for the past few years.

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