Man furious to see 'objectionable thing' in ex-girlfriend's house

A man stabbed his ex-girlfriend in Britain. The man was shown a condom (Condom wrapper) from his X's bathroom, which angered him. He carried out 31 attacks one after the other with a knife. The woman was badly injured in the attack. Chris Blakemore (Chris Blakemore), 33, forcibly entered his ex-girlfriend's house, according to the report. Meanwhile, when he went to the bathroom, he saw a condom wrapper in the dustbin. After which he got agitated and attacked the woman.

He stabbed her 31 times and tried to kill her. But it was believed that the woman's life was saved. The woman's seven-year-old son was also present on the spot due to the entire incident. In front of him, Blakemore attacked the woman several times with a knife. Chris Blakemore is said to have often behaved badly with his girlfriends. Killing, forcibly taking money had become his daily rule. Disturbed by this, she left Blakemore and reportedly moved in with another. But one day he forcibly entered the woman's house and started quarrelling. It was then that he found a condom wrapper in the house and got agitated.

He attacked the woman's body 31 times with a knife and injured her. However, somehow the woman managed to call the police, saving her life. The woman was admitted to the hospital for several days. Speaking to police, he said Blakemore repeatedly attempted to stab him in the neck. He wanted to kill him.

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