Man lost his life after being hit by a car

New Delhi: A 38-year-old man lost his life after being hit by a car with whose riders had a fight with him over parking of their vehicle as per stated by police.

The police as per the sources news said A man seated in the car got down and went to the shop on the opposite side of the road to purchase something. Tarun and his brother Manish asked them to park their car on the side or on the opposite end of the road since the car was blocking the entry to their food joint,

Tarun father as per the sources claimed that "While leaving, they hit a scooter parked behind their car. While reversing in an attempt to flee, they hit Tarun and fled from the spot. The accused were drunk," 

The senior police officer said "Sanjay was arrested after we traced him through the number plate of the car. He had bought the car from his father's money and is currently unemployed. The car has been seized and forensic examination of the car has been done," 

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