Man kills father in a fit of rage, chops his body into pieces

Aug 20 2019 06:48 AM
Man kills father in a fit of rage, chops his body into pieces

In today's world, blood relations are also worth nothing. Nowadays, crime is also taking place in blood relationships. In a recent case, the son has brutally murdered his father. In this case, the son murdered his father and chops his body. In fact, the case is reported to be krishnanhar colony in the Malkajgiri area of Hyderabad. According to reports, 80-year-old Krishna Sudhir Murthy, who retired from the Railways, was brutally murdered by his son on Friday and shattered the body and stuffed it in plastic buckets. The case was revealed when the stench started spreading out of the house. According to reports, when the stench started to reach the neighbors' house, they informed the police about the case.

According to the information received, the ruthless murder was carried out by the son along with his mother and sister, who were living in the same house with pieces of the body. Police have now arrested The accused Murali, wife of the deceased and daughter Praful in the case.

When questioned by the police, Sudhir Murthy confessed to his crime and said, "The father used to harass him by drinking alcohol. When his patience dam broke down, he killed him before a vegetable cutting knife and then cut the body into pieces. "Further Sudhir said, "The pieces of the body were kept in 6-7 buckets." Murdered and then shattered the body with a knife. Then they put those pieces in buckets and then fled."

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