Superstition reclaimed the life of a person

Jun 20 2019 03:50 PM
Superstition reclaimed the life of a person

Nowadays cases of rising crime are disturbing everyone. One case that has come to light is of superstition. In this case, a person in Supaulka was gifted with superstition. A case is reported to be from Lalpatti village in Triveniganj police station area. On May 24, local resident Deepnarayan Mehta was seriously injured when he was beaten up by alleged 'Tantrik' Ajay Savarnkar while playing Gosai.

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According to the information received in the case, Deepnarayan Mehta was treated at several places in critical condition but was in such a deep wound that he died in Patna on Tuesday for treatment and the house of the deceased has been badly damaged. On the other hand, Manju Devi, wife of the eyewitness, said that on that day, she was drying wheat in front of the house and Bhagat, who was worshipping at the Kali temple, was playing the pooja with the alleged Tantrik Ajay Goldsmith Kharag. Meanwhile, the alleged tantrik Ajay Savarnkar reached her house and fell to the ground with a sword over her husband Deepnarayan Mehta and the alleged Tantrik sat on his chest on his knees and began to pressurise the entire body.

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But as soon as the tantrik tried to strike deepnarayan Mehta's neck with the sword, Manju Devi, wife of the deceased, forcibly grabbed the hand of the alleged tantrik and somehow her husband Deep Narayan Mehta was taken to the clutches of the said tantrik. Deep Narayan Mehta, was taken to the sub-divisional hospital Triveniganj for treatment, where doctors referred him out for better treatment in view of the critical condition. Deepnarayan died late on Tuesday night after a long treatment during treatment in Patna. The investigation into the case is now underway.




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