Man murders girl due to anger, Investigation underway

May 23 2020 03:02 PM
Man murders girl due to anger, Investigation underway

Hamirpur. Nowadays cases of crime are increasing in lockdown too. Now the matter that has come up is from Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh. In this case, the mutilated dead body of a woman missing for three days has been found. Police say that the girl's arms, legs and neck were severed and the forensic team started the investigation, they found important clues from a tubewell nearby. After this, the police, revealing this murder case, took the main accused into custody. In this case, the family members have alleged murder after the rape. The SP said, "The family suspects that the girl has been raped." Its investigation is going on.

This case is being reported from a village in Sadar Kotwali area. In this case, the SP said that during the investigation, important clues were involved. The Swat team and two teams of the Kotwali police investigated the case together and about 8 people were detained and questioned. There was also a man named Atul Singh in it. Strictly questioned, Atul confessed to the murder of the woman.

The relatives of the deceased alleged that the girl was murdered after the rape. Three days ago, the girl was reported missing, but no action was taken. In this case, the killer Atul told the police that he had known the woman for a long time. On May 19, the girl came to her tubewell. Meanwhile, someone saw them together and to this, the woman said that if her family comes to know this, she will lie. She would say that Atul had forcibly taken her to himself. At this point, Atul got angry and he strangled the woman with a dupatta. Then by cutting with an ax, the corpse was mutilated.

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